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Chad Gray
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Display Typo

Post by Chad Gray »

I noticed on all of the Driver Tools > Show Woofer, Show Tweeter, etc they all say "Driver Type = Woofer"
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Re: Display Typo

Post by dcibel »

Open your driver files and look under this section in the T/S Editor tab.
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Who knows why SoundEasy uses different file extensions for different driver types, since this information is already included in the driver file, and allows for this inconsistency to exist. Since this information is being stored twice, within the driver file as well as the file extension, I see 2 possible solutions:

1. Ditch the multiple extensions and use a single driver file extension, where the driver type is selected via the menu in the screenshot above.
2. SoundEasy to determine the driver type based on the file extension, essentially remove the selection in the screenshot above from existence.
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