Help: only 2 of 3 drivers of 3-way play in SEv26/DF with Win10/64 and Realtek ALC1220

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Help: only 2 of 3 drivers of 3-way play in SEv26/DF with Win10/64 and Realtek ALC1220

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While I have successfully auditioned my 3-way with Win7/64 and a Delta 1010LT with SEv26, I thought to try it in a modern PC with Win10/64 and Realtek ALC1220-to my best knowledge, it should work out. However, with this modern configuration, I can only hear 2 of the 3 drivers playing during DF operation (just one speaker). The front and rear right are active, but the “side” right is silent. I have reproduced this many times. My control experiments show that all drivers are connected.

There are so many settings and places to go wrong, that I have a link to short video of my settings. Hopefully this will lead to solutions
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Re: Help: only 2 of 3 drivers of 3-way play in SEv26/DF with Win10/64 and Realtek ALC1220

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Hi Barry,

I have done a bit of investigation on my Windows 10 PC with Realtek audio motherboard. Straight away, I need to say, that more investigation is needed, and as soon as I finish my current project, I will allocate more time for this.

1. This Win10 PC is not optimized for audio. You can google this issue and one example of what is involved is this: ... production

2. My Realtek audio was set to 7.1Speakers, and this automatically invoked two more settings for "full range speakers". But the subwoofer and centre speakers were not included. Does it mean, that the Realtek Manager modifies the frequency response of some channels? I do not know.
You are welcomed to investigate further.

Given the above, I was able to get the sound on all 6 channels for 2 x 3-way system. But I did not test the frequency response of all channels.

3. Next, I used Ultimate Equalizer set for 2in/8out, 24bit/48kHz. This is WASAPI device, and talks directly to the audio drivers. In the UE, there is an option to inject sinewave into any/all output channels, so I played 100Hz and then 10kHz tones to check the frequency response of all 8 channels. It was identical - so this is good.
But the output level on the front L/R channels was about 45% higher then on the other channels. This is generally not a problem, because you can adjust individual channels in Windows Sound manager. You know how to do this.
One think I did not like was the D1/D2 figures in UE were changing from one run to another. I put this down to the fact, that this PC is not optimized for audio and connection to the internet triggers all sorts of "silent" searches and updates and background processes of higher priority than audio.

My HT computer in my TV room runs D1/D2 figures with perfect stability - but it's Windows7, free-standing and optimized for audio. It's described on my website in details.

That all I found out so far. It is possible, that DF may have to be moved into WASAPI audio. But it's too early to say.

Best Regards,
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