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SE Design Guide

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On the Soundeasy Design guide, when measuring drivers SPL and Impedance to Design a system. Do you measure the impedance when the driver is in the enclosure? SPL, yes you measure while it is in the enclosure. What about impedance?

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Re: SE Design Guide

Post by dcibel »

T/S extraction requires free-air measurement.

For crossover design purpose, have a look at the impedance of your driver in the enclosure vs free-air, and see if there are any changes there that would affect the crossover slope. The enclosure affects low frequency performance, it would be a rare situation where that would affect the crossover operation, maybe some midrange designs, so it's up to you, you're not making anything worse by using impedance in the enclosure for crossover design, and of course you will have a complete picture of the expected impedance response for when you sweep the completed product to verify that you've assembled it correctly.

It's easy enough to make these comparisons with your measuring equipment at home and come to your own conclusions - have fun!
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