3D printed driver tests

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3D printed driver tests

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I have been following a fellow on Patreon that is making 3D printed drivers. I have made two of his driver designs as i have been learning how to 3D print.

He uses a flexible filament (like a rubber material) for the spider and surround. The cone material is carbon fiber filament. Wound with about 13meters of magnet wire for a 4ohm driver. Neodymium magnets are encapsulated in the chassis.

What kind of tests can I do in Soundeasy to help make the driver better as new designs are created?

THD? Or is that more for a assembled loudspeaker in a box? I have not seen how to wire this test up.
Waterfall plot in a box so see what frequency is "ringing"?

Any other test I should try to help make this driver better? Is there any way to test the effectiveness of the surround or spider design? Same with cone material?


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